Ground Radar in Crowhurst supports 1066 battlefield.


A ground radar survey was conducted over the holiday period by members of the Crowhurst Battle team. Evidence in that survey appears to confirm the presence of a large number of unspecified remains, most probably bodies, below ground at a depth of between 1 and 2 meters in two sites in an open field on the proposed battlefield and between 2 and 3 meters down in thirteen mounds in woodland next to the so called “Malfosse”.  They show what look like phosphate spikes and we expect an excavation to show traces of what the bodies would have been wearing. These now need to be looked at by the authorities prior to completion of the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan which is currently under consultation with the public. In order to do this the raw evidence needs evaluation by experts in the field of geophysics and it is anticipated that this will take three months before a result is forthcoming. We will then move to the next stage of statutory protection in order to protect the village from unbridled access by builders.

Evidence to support the archaeology comes from the Chronicle of Battle Abbey, Wace, the Carmen of Hastings and Poitiers as well as the Bayeux Tapestry,  resistivity surveys and now ground radar making a compelling case for expert evaluation.


Contact Nick Austin 0742 7018081

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10 thoughts on “Ground Radar in Crowhurst supports 1066 battlefield.

  1. Dik Cook

    That sounds like great news, Nick. Well done to you & the Battle Field team. Once the expert analysis has been done & it comes back as positive, that must open the door to a re-evaluation of the site of the battle.

  2. Jackie Cleary

    This is so exciting! We have been following your quest since we stayed in Hastings several years ago, in February or March. One day we tried to walk from Bexhill to Battle and found that Coombehaven was under water. This was before the road was begun. Everything Nick wrote made so much sense. May we all live long enough to see him proved right!

  3. Paul James

    Great and exciting to see more work done on the Chrowhurst site. Nick Austin and his team deserve real respect for their tenacity.

  4. Joe Robinson

    Hi Nick, I am a retired journalist; we met 18 months ago, I came to yours to talk battle sites. I tried the number I contacted you on before, but not getting through. I’m on 07768 753 753, can we have a chat? JR

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. andrew minns

    hi nick,found this all very fascinating after stumbling across the youtube videos last year.i remember wandering around the eng heritage site,15 odd years ago, trying to picture events,what a swizz. Maybe im being a bit naive. But cant understand why,7 months on, theres no follow up to the jan 2018 discoveries,of various suspected burial pits.All the talk and speculation.Seems to me all thats required is a cpl shovels from the local hardware store, an a few hrs digging,will tell all or not. yours,Andrew

    • Paul B-R

      Hi Andrew
      I was thinking the same thought. Things seem to stop in 2018.
      Have you had any response?

  6. Scott

    What news?

  7. Julian Evans

    any updates

  8. Tony Laynes

    This new battelfield sight has some very compelling and time consuming research behind it.

    Who or what can be stalling such an important potential rediscovery of our heritage history??. SHAME.

  9. How come this site is full of links that no longer work?

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