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Ground Radar in Crowhurst supports 1066 battlefield.


A ground radar survey was conducted over the holiday period by members of the Crowhurst Battle team. Evidence in that survey appears to confirm the presence of a large number of unspecified remains, most probably bodies, below ground at a depth of between 1 and 2 meters in two sites in an open field on the proposed battlefield and between 2 and 3 meters down in thirteen mounds in woodland next to the so called “Malfosse”.  They show what look like phosphate spikes and we expect an excavation to show traces of what the bodies would have been wearing. These now need to be looked at by the authorities prior to completion of the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan which is currently under consultation with the public. In order to do this the raw evidence needs evaluation by experts in the field of geophysics and it is anticipated that this will take three months before a result is forthcoming. We will then move to the next stage of statutory protection in order to protect the village from unbridled access by builders.

Evidence to support the archaeology comes from the Chronicle of Battle Abbey, Wace, the Carmen of Hastings and Poitiers as well as the Bayeux Tapestry,  resistivity surveys and now ground radar making a compelling case for expert evaluation.


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