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Magnetometry survey of Crowhurst battlefield to start soon

We have found us a company who will rent us the magnetometry equipment we need for the next survey I want to do on the center field of the real battlefield. There are 260 people in the facebook group who will assist if need be in this community enterprise to ensure that the truth comes out. This will show us the spread of any metal left behind and also with any luck identify if any mass graves are present in the fields we can cover. Missing from the fake battlefield are any bodies or mass graves. These will identify the true site as you cant hide 8tons of bodies or move them somewhere else even now. So these graves arent just here and there.

I have strong suspicions that the first field of choice is the field that matters because (dont tell anyone – I am a dowser of ill repute according to Sir Baldrick:) but also because the field in question has three large anomalies identifiable on the LIDAR and its pretty much dead center of the battlefield. A local man reported that he had found a broken sword there 15 years ago in line with exactly where the anomaly is identified so that is where we have to start.

I am looking into issues about software and expertise and if anyone here can assist us set this up from a technical point of view so that my team can do the work at a convenient weekend as soon as possible let me know. It seems we are going to move ahead soon and things may well conclude soon. I am looking for a number of independent archaeologists to work with the raw data so if you want to work with it please let me know I am happy for anyone to put in their two pennies. What we dont want is interpretations of the data that do not agree with one and other – using a number of people interested in the project will avoid that.

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