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National campaigning groups visit Combe Haven

Last Sunday 27th January 2013 the national campaigning groups saw for themselves the route the proposed Link Road is due to take through the Combe Haven valley.

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A New Evidence link added to site

I have added a New Evidence link to the site in the Related Sites section in the right hand column. This page has been prepared for the new Crowhurst 1066 Battlefield Association and is keeping a list of relevant items in one place to avoid wading through months of blog documents. Most of the items are dealt with in the book Secrets of the Norman Invasion but anything new will be added to that list as it comes in.

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Link Road legal challenge

I now have a better understanding of the court issue as a result of reading the pdf on the BLINKRR site. The legal case is raised by Michael Bernard whom I understand is a retired school teacher in Bexhill. He is taking this action “because it is the right thing to do” and for me he is a champion of the people.
The case is about seeking an injunction to stop East Sussex County Council from building their road through the heritage sites that we currently know are under threat before English Heritage have a chance to assess and then list them in the Heritage Register. Once listed no such road could be built and so this is a serious threat to the road, one that definitely will win once the evidence has been looked at. It covers the Norman Invasion site as well as the new battlefield in Crowhurst and seeks protection for the visual envelope of the whole Combe Haven valley to enable the follow through application for a World Heritage site – the reason this blog exists.
There is no immediate injunction because the court have granted time for East Sussex County Council to consider their position. They have given them till 1st February and there is a court order confirming this.
A statement is on the BLINKRR web site

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Sunday Telegraph 13th January p13

Noticeable in its absence is the fact that the Battlefields Trust were invited to look at the archeology but have not done so to date and neither have English Heritage.

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1,000year old hedgerow destroyed by chainsawmen

Chainsaws were operation well into the evening last night as the Crowhurst road was closed by police to enable the road builders to destroy the 1,000 year hedgerow on the edge of the field where William the Conqueror camped in 1066. We know it was 1,000 years old because HAARG (Hastings Area Archaeological Research Group) got the species dating material around fifteen years ago, long before the significance of the dating was known.
Today another brigade of chainsaws were on the march against humble protesters doing what they can to hold back the tide of fluorescent armor, intend on subduing our landscape into a downtrodden road to no-where. Let us support them not only in words but deeds of heroism against the foe who hides behind anonymity.
report 10am
The hedgerow in question is the one on the right of this field marked green on the right of the defensive ditches:

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On Crowhurst Hill

You know something is changing when people write songs about the events you are witnessing on Crowhurst Hill. Sounds like an anthem to me.

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Meridian 6pm news tonight

Meridian Television will be running a story on the 6pm news. Lots of activity in village today, protesters in hoods and balaclavas, security men by the hundred, police and vans all causing road chaos. Keep posted. Follow the blog and share. Word is more tomorrow – reinforcements needed. Its the thin green line at the moment holding the tide back.
Post your photos here and your stories we will publish them and get them out.
Press hotline 01424 830628

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