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English Heritage agree to review battlefield – Sunday Mail

Page 44 of the Sunday Mail today. This review, although unstated in the article, includes the new Norman Invasion site at Wilting Farm as part of the designated battlefield. We should expect to hear more soon I would think. Both John Grehan and I are both pleased to see common sense prevailing and whilst we may not agree on the exact location or extent of the battlefield we do both agree that Wilting Manor at the old port of Hastings needs to be investigated and protected whilst that process takes place.

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ESCC need more time again.

Michael Bernards’s solicitors wrote on 30th January to the High Court with revised arguments in the light of recent correspondence with ESCC, requesting permission to move to judicial review and asking for an injunction prohibiting ESCC from carrying out development work, including tree felling, in relation to the Link Road that goes through the site of the Norman Invasion and battlefield in the Crowhurst valley.
Legal advice is that planning permission has not been granted to ESCC to proceed with development works. It appears that ESCC considers that it can undertake works, such as tree felling, without approval, however the legal advice is that this is not in fact the case and that ESCC are acting unlawfully in this regard.

Michael Bernard still argues that ESCC need to stop its Bexhill-Hastings Link Road works in the valley until English Heritage have completed its review of the Battle of Hastings battlefield registration, in consideration of new evidence by Nick Austin (see Secrets of the Norman Invasion, 2012) and John Grehan (see The Battle of Hastings 1066, The Uncomfortable Truth, 2012) but now further argues that ESCC should not even have started.

Michael Bernard visited Decoy Pond in the Combe Haven Valley on Thursday 31st Jan and found that further tree felling had taken place the day before (see BLINKRR photos), notwithstanding the considerable correspondence with ESCC on this matter requesting that they stop this action, which Michael Bernard is advised is unlawful. ESCC is seemingly content to act entirely beyond its powers and this is especially concerning when the ESCC is the developer, the highways authority and the planning authority, all rolled into one unaccountable undemocratic organisation run by Peter Jones.

Recent evidence confirms that the Link Road is a double tragedy in the making: an environmental tragedy and a heritage tragedy of national significance, if not world historical importance.

Late yesterday afternoon, 5th February, Michael Bernard heard that the Court had dismissed his application for an injunction and in order to give ESCC reasonable opportunity to reply to the new arguments had given ESCC a further two weeks to file amended summary grounds of defence – ie by 4pm, 18th February. It may then be up to a further seven days before Michael Bernard learns whether or not permission is given to move to judicial review.

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Meridian news moves focus to historical claim

Michael Bernard was on the ITV news last night explaining that there was a strong heritage claim, strong enough to demand the halt to the Hastings Link Road.

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ESCC want more time

I was expecting some sort of action today with the application to stop the Link Road by Bexhill resident Michael Bernard. It seems that the legal wheels are moving slowly and ESCC want more time to deal with the issues that have been raised. Hopefully the matter will come to a head some time next week when more information will become available.

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BBC Inside Out Programme to run Monday 4th Feb 19.30pm

BBC South East will run the programme on the site that English Heritage have now agreed to assess for the Norman Invasion and Battle of Hastings in the Crowhurst valley this coming Monday 4th February, peak time viewing at 7.30pm. Don’t miss it available on iPlayer for 7 days after and will post the link to circulate. I know at the time of the recording the issue was a little tongue in cheek from the presenter, but now as we can see it has a lot of interest.

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