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English Heritage bottle Battlefield Review

Having been told on a number of occasions the Battle of Hastings flawed site at Battle Abbey was to be reviewed. I have now been forwarded the review document by Michael Bernard, which clearly shows they have in colloquial terms bottled it and will not review the evidence, or the site claimed in Crowhurst. This is despite national television by authorised archaeologists, which showed the nation in no uncertain terms there is no archaeology supporting the battle anywhere within the registered battlefield area. I was not consulted by any historians, or archaeologists on any evidence referred to in this document, where I can see some serious flaws in what it is claimed that I claim. It makes a nonsense of the listing process. Rest assured this is not the end of the story, as evidence is still being sought in the Crowhurst valley, by people who do care about the nations heritage and we are close to a conclusion.

This is the document

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