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Old Port of Hastings photo

Old Port of Hastings at Combe Haven
Here is a picture, taken by Keith Piggott, of the area in the Combe Haven that was the old port of Hastings before the entrance was blocked by the great storm at the end of the 13th century. Those who do not believe this waterway was the port of Hastings should really think again. Would you leave your boats exposed to the sea when they could be in here? Photo taken from Hillcroft Farm.

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Its official the sign has gone up

Crowhurst sign
I have no idea who put this up but someone has got it right at last hooray!! If English Heritage can put up a fake sign at Battle Abbey then I suppose its right that one should go on the real battlefield, especially as we have proof and they don’t. I had a look at it and it looks like its a Highways Agency sign and I did send them a book when it first came out with a request? I can see that this coming year is going to be good and we will win this second battle of Hastings. Happy Christmas everyone what a lovely present for Christmas, couldnt have been timed better.

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Bexhill talk sold out

Bexhill talk 7th December 2012
Talk at Bexhill last night went very well. Sold out I am told but of course it was free and I’m sure there was one empty seat:) At least we sold 30 books so that helped the campaign budget as the new book version came in about an hour before the talk

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Battlefields Trust submission

I have submitted a document to the Battlefields Trust for circulation and publication to their members. A copy can be found here – please circulate to any interested parties. We are seeking intervention by those who are able to ensure the due diligence is performed by East Sussex County Council, who have not investigated any of these claims, despite claiming through the press (through the offices of Councillor Peter Jones), and in private correspondence to objectors, that they were investigated at the public inquiry fourteen years ago.

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Hastings Observer 4th December

Article here

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