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Meridian run with Burgh story today

Story went out at lunch time

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200 archaeological sites in Wilting field shows heritage abuse at Public Inquiries.

I visited the site at Upper Wilting Farm yesterday and counted 200 sites where the archaeologists Oxford Archaeology have conducted or are in the process of conducting excavations covering nearly half of the field to date and probably another 200 unopened yet. This degree of investigation is not normal for any road and confirms the presence of Hastings and the Burgh at Upper Wilting, built upon the orders of Alfred the Great. Let us dispose of the pretence that there is nothing here and stop the road Minister, as this is national heritage and road builders should not be destroying it. The evidence presented to the public inquiries in 1996 and 2009 by the experts can now be seen to be misleading and inherently wrong. If road builders can lie to the inspector through supposition that is so inherently wrong, then there must be some accountability and a means of protecting the public from this abuse. I have forwarded copies of the excavations to the Minister of Culture.




The Burgh of Hastings defensive ditch clearly visible where the bank is located

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