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Time Team repeat: Military Expert not correctly briefed

The Time Team programme which sought to identify the Battle of Hastings was repeated on More Four this evening and it is clear from the presentation that Richard Kemp the military expert rolled out by the Time Team to support their crass supposition that the battlefield was at Battle Abbey near the roundabout had not been informed of the evidence confirming the correct battlefield at Crowhurst or its topographical connection (including LIDAR evidence) to the port and special circumstances that forced the battle to last all day. Not only was due diligence not undertaken but Richard Kemp, who is an outstanding military commander, was effectively missinformed before producing his statements on UK national television. English Heritage has I am told instructed Time Team not to allow my evidence to be presented to third parties. Col. Kemp had not evaluated the military significance of the Crowhurst site compared to the one claimed by both British Heritage and the Time Team on a like for like basis and clearly there was an intention to avoid this.

I have tried to contact Mr Kemp and would like him to evaluate Crowhurst in the context of the known reports for the battle using his military expertise. John Grehan who wrote his book is also a military historian and its quite clear to me that military historians and experts hold the clues to identifying the correct site. If anyone has an address I would be pleased to send him my book so he can understand what is at stake and the importance of establishing the most important battlefield in English history which everyone now knows is not at Battle Abbey or Caldbeck Hill.

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Windfarm planned by Hastings to bury heritage site

A copy of a planning document proposing that Hastings Council use the heritage land on the lower fields at Upper Wilting Farm that is not part of the link road development to bury the rest of this potential world heritage site under a wind farm development (this is economic nonsense as the area is below the tip level and an excuse to authorise housing development as the next phase). It really beggars belief that having established the archaeology on this site is so massive that someone believes they can now use the land to destroy the integrity of the rest of the Upper Wilting site. We have been told that this land has archaeology going back to the Iron Age that may change our understanding of the history of the area (recent BBC article using information from the County Archaeologist office) but it doesnt matter to our elected representatives because they dont care about the heritage of this country or valley. I wonder if it is our MPs who are pushing this forward like they did the link road or is there some financial gain set for Hastings. This land is in Rother. Someone needs to look into this. Having built the Gypsy park which now houses a French workforce who arent allowed to mix with local people there are plans now to put the rest of Wilting under concrete. Lets find out who is responsible for this and deal with them at election time if they have any democratic accountability. We need to know what is going on and who is initiating this so we can get organised and deal with them as its time to stop this rot.

windfarm planning document

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