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Time Team Special Battle of Hastings 8pm Sunday 1st December

Time Team television show

This story will get national airing on Channel Four at peak time Sunday 1st December at 8pm. This story is probably the biggest history story to hit academic circles this century because the implications upon everyone who has ever written on the subject are immense. Indeed recently I was accused of being a lone voice against 500 academics determined to stop this story in its tracks.

Tony Robinson and his team have been down to Battle Abbey to get the evidence that the Normans fought there.

To find out what he found out watch the show and draw your own conclusions. Its a story that will not die. I am in that story and we will not quit until it reaches conclusion. This Spring we will be carrying out a systematic search for Norman pottery at the newly discovered castle site where French sources tell us the Normans were commissioned by William for two years after the Battle at the port of Hastings at Wilting Manor. Once the pottery is found we will do the geophysics and bring the Invasion site to a conclusion by finding the boats we know are there. Like Richard the Third sometimes it takes time and patience to get the right people involved before proper investigation can take place by archaeologists. Documents are open to interpretation. Only archaeology can close this story where the documents fit the geography and topography with artefacts and evidence out of the ground to back up the claims. The claim that the Battle of Hastings was at Battle Abbey has none of these essential features and hopefully Time Team have found that essential fact out and will tell us next weekend. I must remain an optimist:)

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University assistance sought

As a result of the LIDAR and historical documents we now have an absolute location for the site of the Norman fort which we are told William garrisoned his men for two years after the Battle of Hastings (French sources). We need to do geophysics on this site and the adjacent shore line to see if we can locate the boats which the Bayeux Tapestry tell us were beached in rows at the port site.

We have known this for some time but now need to locate University or student assistance where the work can be part of a documented project that can probably earn the people involved a phd, if not worldwide fame, if we locate the Invasion fleet.

We are a group of 190 people who can do all the donkey work. We just need some experts in geophys (magnetometry to start with) who have the equipment to guide us through the work and deliver the data to be processed. I personally have over six months resistivity experience and cannot imagine magnetometry is any more difficult to execute on the site. However this is a very large site and needs time from dedicated people to do it – we have those people in our group. If anyone knows who would oversee this work and provide the equipment please let me know at the contact details. It would cost someone who has the equipment nothing to do the work and they get the glory:) and if nothing is found nothing is lost BUT the fleet is there because the documents tell us its there. Put the word out lets get this finished its been going on too long.
Regards Nick

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