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Bexhill talk sold out

Bexhill talk 7th December 2012
Talk at Bexhill last night went very well. Sold out I am told but of course it was free and I’m sure there was one empty seat:) At least we sold 30 books so that helped the campaign budget as the new book version came in about an hour before the talk

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Dragon head ditch located?

Original story here.
Battle Observer story
Thanks to Peter Pulman (age 74) who sold part of the recreation ground to Hastings Council) we have some detailed plans of the area where the dragon head longboat is located, together with the drainage ditches before the tip was built. Armed with the plan of the airport runways and the location of the end of the runway in relation to the ditches I am pretty sure we know which ditch it is that holds the longboat.

When the water recedes we will launch a digging team and get permission in the meantime from the Environment Agency who manage this area. Proof that the Normans were in this valley is close. Once we find the first we will ask permission from the minister to look for the rest. Then we will find them with or without Hastings Council help.

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BBC report on Norman Long Boat

The BBC came down to the Filsham Reed Beds today to run a story on where the Norman longboat is believed to be with myself and Michael Bernard of BLINKRR (the Bexhill anti road campaign). The story will run either this evening (Saturday 24th November) in the regional 5.30 news slot, or more probably Monday or Tuesday – as soon as I know I will report it here. We got a good soaking and a story at the same time:)

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