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Bexhill talk sold out

Bexhill talk 7th December 2012
Talk at Bexhill last night went very well. Sold out I am told but of course it was free and I’m sure there was one empty seat:) At least we sold 30 books so that helped the campaign budget as the new book version came in about an hour before the talk

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Proof of the Normans evidence (video)

This is the evidence that the Normans landed in Crowhurst and fought in the Crowhurst valley This is the video of the talk at the White Rock Hotel last weekend on the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. It tells those who have little understanding of the issues in plain language what evidence there is that the Battle of Hastings was fought in the Crowhurst Valley and the Norman Invasion was in the same valley. I say in that presentation that it takes ten seconds to get to the truth and when you get it you will never see this issue in the same light. If you haven’t seen it please watch and pass on to those people who think the Norman Invasion was at Pevensey – take their money off them first with a bet – bet them you can prove the Normans didn’t land at Pevensey and take their money at the end:) – and share share share

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August 18th finds

Nick and I were down the site today – phew, hot. As luck would have it, some contractors were digging up the road by the Saxon right flank in Station Rd and piling the dirt up, so we had a bit of a shufty through it with the detector and pointers. Nick’s taken home a huge chunk of Sussex with something in it….

We spent most of the day surveying the whole of the first defence line with the rods and what we found surprised us. Last week while walking the headland, we came upon a 30-yard-wide debris field on the Saxon left. We can now confirm that this is matched in the Saxon centre and right – the area is literally littered with iron and it’s 8+ inches down.

So the options are:
1) either someone’s gone to a lot of trouble to drop ball-bearings everywhere.
2) There’s small bits of iron slag or farm debris EVERYWHERE
3) the option that all of us want.

Nick and I agree that a formal survey of this whole area is really now overdue. The sources remark that the battle started with an intense exchange of missiles, which would have included arrows, javelins, pig-sticks, crossbow bolts and other miscellaneous iron/iron-carbonised projectiles.

The usual iron bits but this time heavily accreted ( a word not in spellcheck:) suggesting they are much older than much of the stuff we have been recently finding.

Not your usual travelling companion – back to the shed for inspection.

Its from the clay line where it meets the upper soil – which is solid with stones in a concrete like mass from under the road opposite the church   Would never normally be able to get there. Consequently Mr Footwell is spending the night in a bucket of water hopefully to soften him up to see if its got anything man made in it or if it is naturally occurring iron.

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Close image of another new helmet rim 6th August

Here is a close up of a second helmet rim inner section, slightly different construction but this looks like it fitted inside the outer rim. Found lower down the Malfosse adjacent to the lower battlefield in silt – anaerobic black when taken out.

image here

No rivets – smaller with different construction possibly Saxon origin

inner edge

Good Saturday dig in the malfosse immediately adjacent to lower battlefield. Another helmet rim. Different construction. This one – very interesting because it has an inner rim still in existence which is much more fragile than you would expect. I will post the images. This first one shows both the outter rim very similatr to the previous one but without the rivets on the sides. Slightly smaller diameter but when we took it out (Mark dug it out of the side of the stream in grey/blue anaerobic silt) it was found to have an inner edge which may have been the original helmet edge stuck to the bottom inside. When I washed it in the water the inner rim came loose as it was broken at one point.

Looking closely the bottom edge is folded and pretty much perfectly formed. It looks too clean to be iron. I will be going up to the Wallace Collection soon with the other rim and will take this as well. http://​www.secretsofthenormaninvasion.​com/imagemapfinds/​battlefieldfinds/​20saxonhelmetrim.jpg

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Moving forward again 18th July 2012

Battle of Hastings – the Crowhurst Malfosse video

Here is a further investigation of ‘the Malfosse’, one of the most remarkable episodes in the most famous battle in English history, revealed in HD footage.

Duke William of Normandy lost dozens of mounted knights at the end of the Battle of Hastings following Harold’s death. A sizeable contingent of victorious Normans pursued the English as dusk was falling, cantering off the battlefield after them onto a wooden path where they plunged headlong into a precipitous ravine to their deaths.

The infamous incident became known as the ‘Malfosse’ after the French for ‘evil ditch’. A Malfosse capable of wreaking such havoc does not exist at the purported Battle of Hastings site at Battle Abbey. For more on the fascinating subject of England’s most famous battle misplaced, see “Secrets of the Norman Invasion” by Nick Austin at

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Stone images and comments posted May2012

I’ve just noticed that stone we dug out from under my shed has something that looks like a coat of arms on it. I’ll post a photo tomorrow. Its definitely carved and has a shield on it, a shield which is divided in two – a top and bottom half. The top half iis completely worn but the bottom part shows lines and should be identifiable by someone interested in heraldry. Its a simple coat of arms and the earliest were the most simple – someone might be able to identify it hmm interesting. Maybe someone connected with the original manor site (or abbey). I see we have some Knights Templar following events – maybe they would know how to identify the markings? Watch this space.

25th May 2012

Side view. Phillip asked me what I thought it was – maybe something ecclesiastical but then why is it on the top of Hye House hill? Of course stone was pillaged from ruins and it could be from the ruined manor house – but then the location isnt next to any other house featuring this type of stone. Interesting if anyone can identify the shield in heraldic terms. Heraldry didnt come into existence as far as we know until after the Normans so this may be something that was later used from the old abbey building which was in Crowhurst and turned into the Manor House by the De Scotneys in the 13century as far as we can tell.

25th May 2012

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Mike Waghorne post 20th April 2012

Hi I’d just like to say that I’ve lived in the area most of my life, as a child us kids used to play out on the marshes!, Having followed the manuscript for a few years until the new site episode, was so convinced that this could be the place, Remember English Heritage first reenactment in 1966 was in the field opposite where they say it happened now, All the History that was drummed in to us at school was blown well away after the reading of the manuscript
MIke Waghorne

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Norman Helmet Rim document posted 1st Feb 2012

I am circulating the following document please send it to anyone who may be interested http://​www.secretsofthenormaninvasion.​com/​normanconicalhemletrim.html

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Norman Helmet Rim posted 23rd January 2012

I’m looking for authentication for part of a conical Norman helmet found under the Malfosse stream about a month ago (found with Mark – Keeper of the Tools). Started out black and now after some serious cleaning in a electronic tank used to clean jewelery we have something that may be unique. Doesn’t look very interesting until you know about Norman helmets and the fact only around seven authentic ones exist and none are like the ones in the Bayeux Tapestry. What we have looks to me like the helmet rim of a very early conical helmet. If you want to understand this you need to read chapter one and two of this book(right click save as)
http://​www.secretsofthenormaninvasion.​com/imagemapfinds/​battlefieldfinds/​ARecordofEuropeanArmour.pdf (22.66Mb)

Now the first stage is probably to get the metal work looked at. The location was below the level of a 11th or 13th century Saxon horse shoe in exactly the right place to be a battlefield loss. I am cautious because I have found from previous experience that showing material to so called experts who have themselves never seen an object like the one they are shown is not the way forward (like the crossbow). Someone will have the expertise and they may be in France and are unlikely to be in England. I am also not going to leave it with anyone (because they may just think its just farm scrap and lose it

More to follow
So far so good – cautiously optimistic

Long thread with a number of photos here

and another here and more here and more here

and here and here

and last of all here

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