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Moving forward again 18th July 2012

Battle of Hastings – the Crowhurst Malfosse video

Here is a further investigation of ‘the Malfosse’, one of the most remarkable episodes in the most famous battle in English history, revealed in HD footage.

Duke William of Normandy lost dozens of mounted knights at the end of the Battle of Hastings following Harold’s death. A sizeable contingent of victorious Normans pursued the English as dusk was falling, cantering off the battlefield after them onto a wooden path where they plunged headlong into a precipitous ravine to their deaths.

The infamous incident became known as the ‘Malfosse’ after the French for ‘evil ditch’. A Malfosse capable of wreaking such havoc does not exist at the purported Battle of Hastings site at Battle Abbey. For more on the fascinating subject of England’s most famous battle misplaced, see “Secrets of the Norman Invasion” by Nick Austin at

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Malfosse walk with family 13th July 2012

The Chronicle of Battle Abbey states:

“Lamentably, just where the fighting was going on, and stretching for a considerable distance, an immense ditch yawned. It may have been a natural cleft in the earth or perhaps it had been hollowed out by storms. But in this waste ground it was overgrown with brambles and thistles, and could scarcely be seen; and it engulfed great numbers, especially the Normans in pursuit of the English. For when, all unknowing, they came galloping on, their terrific impetus carried them headlong down into it, and they died tragically, pounded to pieces. This deep pit has been named for the accident, and today it is called Malfosse.”


malfosse stream

work to start soon

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