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The People Have Spoken – Stop the Link Road Now

The people of East Sussex gave the politicians of East Sussex a wake up call last week by voting out of power those who had brought in the much opposed Link Road. Putting roads across our open countryside and destroying our national heritage will not go unpunished when it come to the time to vote. This was a crucial local issue that stopped the Tories dead in their tracks. The rhetoric of Peter Jones (who really believed his own press) faded into oblivion as he departed the political circus he had created around himself. Now the people have spoken the Tories are out of control of the Council and the Link Road must be stopped.
The Tory press machine told the people that all my heritage site claims in the Crowhurst and Combe Haven Valley had been investigated at the public inquiries. These were lies and if they were not lies I would have been sued. Those claims must be investigated BEFORE the east end of the Link Road is started that crosses the Combe Haven – a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

It is the duty of the new power in East Sussex to impose that due diligence upon the officers who work for them (not the other way round). Privately funded archaeological investigations continue in the Crowhurst valley and if a heritage and environmental disaster are to be avoided they must allow those investigations to come to conclusion this Autumn, before the site of William the Conquerors camp at Upper Wilting Farm is covered in tarmac.

It is the duty of our newly elected representatives to adopt Route S3A – the cheapest route, the route that avoid the Combe Haven and was discussed at the 1997 Public Inquiry when it should have been adopted. Adopting this route is a win win situation. Those who support the environment win, those we who want a road built win, those who want the national heritage of the site of the Battle of Hastings preserved win, those who want to save money win, its a no brainer – wake up everyone, Peter Jones the architect of this folly has gone, lets bury his road with his ego. Lets do it NOW!!

The evidence we are investigating is here

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Norman Invasion site update video

Its been quiet down at Wilting Farm in Sussex but now the government have given East Sussex County Council the money to start the road (even if East Sussex have vastly underestimated the true costs) the diggers are now moving in.

See for yourself what is going on and it doesn’t come as a surprise that the property developer vultures who are in league with Hastings Council and Bexhill Council have already submitted infill applications to fill land between the road and the coast – they couldn’t even wait till it was built. It leaves a very sour taste in the mouth when councilors and our MPs have been telling us for years that the countryside is safe in their hands.

You know what to do – vote them out of office when the opportunity arises. Either vote against them by voting with an opposition party (such as UKIP in this area) or don’t vote at all – take control of your destiny do not be afraid to use your tactical vote. The truth is we dont need any of them any more we need a strong leader. That is my advice for what it is worth. This story is not going to go away until we have delivered the coup de grass that removes these people from power or they change their mind about this disastrous policy.

watch the video here the war is not over till the final battle. It continues with a resistivity survey of the original abbey site soon. Stay tuned.

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Sunday Telegraph 13th January p13

Noticeable in its absence is the fact that the Battlefields Trust were invited to look at the archeology but have not done so to date and neither have English Heritage.

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1,000year old hedgerow destroyed by chainsawmen

Chainsaws were operation well into the evening last night as the Crowhurst road was closed by police to enable the road builders to destroy the 1,000 year hedgerow on the edge of the field where William the Conqueror camped in 1066. We know it was 1,000 years old because HAARG (Hastings Area Archaeological Research Group) got the species dating material around fifteen years ago, long before the significance of the dating was known.
Today another brigade of chainsaws were on the march against humble protesters doing what they can to hold back the tide of fluorescent armor, intend on subduing our landscape into a downtrodden road to no-where. Let us support them not only in words but deeds of heroism against the foe who hides behind anonymity.
report 10am
The hedgerow in question is the one on the right of this field marked green on the right of the defensive ditches:

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Old Port of Hastings photo

Old Port of Hastings at Combe Haven
Here is a picture, taken by Keith Piggott, of the area in the Combe Haven that was the old port of Hastings before the entrance was blocked by the great storm at the end of the 13th century. Those who do not believe this waterway was the port of Hastings should really think again. Would you leave your boats exposed to the sea when they could be in here? Photo taken from Hillcroft Farm.

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Bexhill talk sold out

Bexhill talk 7th December 2012
Talk at Bexhill last night went very well. Sold out I am told but of course it was free and I’m sure there was one empty seat:) At least we sold 30 books so that helped the campaign budget as the new book version came in about an hour before the talk

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Dragon head ditch located?

Original story here.
Battle Observer story
Thanks to Peter Pulman (age 74) who sold part of the recreation ground to Hastings Council) we have some detailed plans of the area where the dragon head longboat is located, together with the drainage ditches before the tip was built. Armed with the plan of the airport runways and the location of the end of the runway in relation to the ditches I am pretty sure we know which ditch it is that holds the longboat.

When the water recedes we will launch a digging team and get permission in the meantime from the Environment Agency who manage this area. Proof that the Normans were in this valley is close. Once we find the first we will ask permission from the minister to look for the rest. Then we will find them with or without Hastings Council help.

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Norman style boat found in Combe Haven

I had been told by several people that a Viking type boat with a large wooden head was found on the Combe Haven marsh after the war. All Norman boats are in the Viking style. However when I tried to locate proof I could not find it. Now Melian has located it through some good detective work and we are going to appeal in the press for witnesses, as the person who found it Charles Somerville is now dead. This evidence confirms we are close to getting what we need. I went down on the marsh today to look for the site, but unless we can establish which ditch is involved access is extremely tough. Good work Melian. Details here. I have a plan of the aerport on the marsh near the caravan park and Filsham pumping station, but no indication where the boat was found. It is possible that the ditch was filled when the recreation end was turned into the caravan park. Does anyone know who runs the caravan park as I would like to dowse there. The claim that there are no Norman boats in the Combe Haven is incorrect. East Sussex County Council politicians should wise up to understand that they will be removed from power if they continue with this road and the evidence for the Norman Invasion is delivered after they have built the road and destroyed the integrity of the site. The electorate will not forgive them. This is firm evidence they are not right to rely upon outdated information.

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Proof of the Normans evidence (video)

This is the evidence that the Normans landed in Crowhurst and fought in the Crowhurst valley This is the video of the talk at the White Rock Hotel last weekend on the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. It tells those who have little understanding of the issues in plain language what evidence there is that the Battle of Hastings was fought in the Crowhurst Valley and the Norman Invasion was in the same valley. I say in that presentation that it takes ten seconds to get to the truth and when you get it you will never see this issue in the same light. If you haven’t seen it please watch and pass on to those people who think the Norman Invasion was at Pevensey – take their money off them first with a bet – bet them you can prove the Normans didn’t land at Pevensey and take their money at the end:) – and share share share

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Spear and arrows in Blacksmiths Field Crowhurst

This email received this morning from Tony Atkins regarding the story in my book about the spears and arrows reported to be found at the back of the “plain” at Blacksmiths Field in Crowhurst – which I wrote off in the book because of insufficient evidence:

My name is Tony Atkins and I lived in Crowhurst from 1971 to 1981.I lived in Samson’s Lane in one of the modern semi-detached houses, the further of the two from the main road.
Having been interested generally in the history of the village I entered into many conversations with the” locals”about the background of the village.
I have lived in France for the last 10 years,but have UK television and South East To-day is still a favourite programme, to find out what is happening in the South East,so when the coverage of your research was broadcast, your book became a must on last years Xmas present list.Crowhurst has a special place in the hearts of my family,that is where my children went to school and grew up.

I have read your book with great interest, and after a lengthy discussion with Charles Pearce on Sunday 14th October, he suggested I should E mail you.

Page 185 of your book refers to spears having been found under the old barn at Blacksmiths Field .That they were mounted in a glass display case in the village hall,and that the village Policeman who found them had moved from the village to Bexhill.

The general content of these statements bears some truth to the facts, but is not totally accurate,compared to the information that was given to me.

I had an in-depth discussion with Reg Stocking( who lived in one of the Council Houses on Blacksmith’s field) in the mid seventies.He told me that the owner of one of the old cottages at the end of Samsons Lane was a Policeman who had dug the whole plot over to a depth of 3 feet and had extracted arrow heads and spear heads,which had been mounted in a glass display case.
The Policeman had by then moved to Havant. Reg gave me his address.

I was serving in the Royal Navy and travelling regularly between Portsmouth and Crowhurst at weekends,and although I left making the contact for some time, eventually found the time to visit the house and make my number.I explained to his “second” wife the reason for the visit,the glass display case and the artefacts etc.She in turn said she had no knowledge of the display case and suggested that the family were market traders and it could well have been traded on.She mentioned that her husband was terminally ill with cancer and there was no way of trying to ascertain what happened to the display case.I made my apologies and left.

The important point here is that a trace was made from Crowhurst to Havant.The Policeman’s name evades me now but the deeds of the cottage will show previous owners.

We never ever knew of a display case in the village hall while we lived in the village.We were frequent attenders at social events.

You will notice that I have CC: Lee Brown,(husband Keith),they too lived in Samsons lane at the same time as us.At odd times him and others helped Mike Willett with hay making.Mike farmed Lower Wilting Farm.Mike referred to his inability to cut the hay close to the ground because of continually pulling out the remains of posts which couldn’t be cut or burnt.

Mike now lives in Carmarthen and we still Xmas card each other.
Your research will have moved on considerably,and the content of this e mail may not be of much value now,but perhaps you can gleen something useful from it’s content.

I enjoyed reading the book,and can only suggest that you must grab the Establishment by the scruff of it’s neck and keep shaking until it submits to common sense.I would like to keep up with your progress.

Best regards,
Tony Atkins

Thanks Tony – it appears the evidence of the spears is in essence correct but at a depth of 3feet – which would fit with the slope wash problem on the bottom “plain” by the lower Malfosse. Nick

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