Easter Magnetometry Survey completed on Crowhurst battlefield site

The Crowhurst archaeology group Secrets of the Norman Invasion completed a number of strategic magnetometry field studies last weekend. Initial images from the survey indicate a large number of anomalies on the site all in the region of 2m long by 1m wide orientated in an East West location. Nick Austin who heads the group is looking for battlefield archaeologists who are prepared to analyse the data themselves and offering to take interested parties to the relevant sites. He is writing to English Heritage to ask them to include the sites in the investigation into the authenticity of the Battle Abbey site when their team are due to come back later this year. No magnetometry evidence to support a battlefield has been found at Battle Abbey. Nick Austin claims this hard scientific evidence supports the Crowhurst site and it should now be investigated by battlefield archaeologists in order to avoid unnecessary public costs on surveys at Battle Abbey, where no magnetometry evidence has ever been found despite a number of archaeological surveys at Battle over many years.

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13 thoughts on “Easter Magnetometry Survey completed on Crowhurst battlefield site

  1. Mat

    The article doesn’t really explain the significance of the anomalies. That is, what are they meant to represent?

    • See below Mat. It is however essential to understand the geology of the area and the magnetometry survey conducted by East Sussex County Council surveyed the whole of the route of the Hastings Bypass (over 5km I think) they are currently building and only found three anomalies, a major one being at Wilting. That route starts in the next valley so these anomalies are unlikely to be natural. Anyone with a head on their shoulders should understand what this means without me having to say anything further.

      • Mat

        Thanks Nick, I understand your caution, and I appreciate the significance of East/West anomalies. To think that not only would you be able to confirm the true location of the battle but the actual battle lines and progress of the battle. That would be awesome.

        I read that the Saxon bodies were left on the battlefield and the Normans would have been placed into a pit. Do you agree with this? I take it you now have a fairly good idea where the Norman burial pit is?

      • There are a number of different reports which suggests a number of different events were witnessed by different people at different points after the battle. The Chronicle says the Normans were buried in the bosom of the earth, another says they were taken back to their camp and given due ceremony, another says the bodies of the Saxons were left on the field for the dogs which may have been true the first night but unlikely thereafter. My bet is all three but the odds are shortening.

  2. marian mason

    Hi Nick, thanks for sending this.  These black shapes of the size you mention clearly lead one to the idea of graves of soldiers.  Is this what you think? I understand that you are waiting for further analysis so I’m looking forward to the results.  I have mobility limitations so did not come along to help but am following the progress of your theories passionately.  Sincerely, Marian Mason

  3. Dark anomalies are usually the presence of iron object, white is usually a pit of some sort. The presence of both suggests a pit with iron in it. Grey regular streaks east/west may be lower anomalies. Speculation would probably not be helpful at present but clearly the authorities who are planning to spend a lot of money investigating the Battle Abbey site where there has been no such response consistent with a battlefield could well be accused of wasting public money if they continue to ignore the evidence coming from the Crowhurst site just a mile away when all the equipment and men will be within walking distance. Thank you for your interest.

  4. Hi Nick,
    Well done getting the evidence of anomalies. The next step is obviously to get UNBIASED
    Archaeologists to look at this data. East to West orientation would seem to indicate
    Christian Burials. The experts need to look at these sites, before any more damage is
    is done.
    Regards, Alan Hayday

  5. Martin

    The plot should have 1) a palette bar (so its possible to determine what is a high / low), 2) a north arrow and 3) a scale bar. Without any this plot is meaningless and its relevance to battlefield archaeology unclear.

    • Anyone who wants the raw data will be sent it – this is not for conclusions right now. Thanks

  6. brianmp

    I’m local and available. Get all the necessary permissions and licences and I can put a team of experienced battfield archaeologists to put some test pits in over a couple of the anomolies to see what’s there.

    • Thank you Brian can you contact me on my email nick@ landscapetv.com and I will send you some images to look at. It would be very helpful to dig a couple of test pits as soon as possible we have permission I just need to schedule it with the owners and confirm which you would think were best to start with. I would also like to know who would be involved all expertise is welcome. regards Nick

  7. Mat

    Anything I can do to help? I make a good cup of tea?

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