Crowhurst Valley starts to flood early danger signs

Crowhurst Valley 26th October 2014

Despite assurances from East Sussex County Council that the road works on the Bexhill Link Road would not have any adverse impact upon flooding in the Crowhurst Valley it can be clearly seen that flooding has commenced this year a full two months earlier than it has ever flooded in the 28 years I have looked over this view. I hope East Sussex County Council have adequate insurance against negligence claims if those who stand in the path of this flood plain suffer flood damage as a result of this work. This flood plain does not normally flood until October at the earliest and usually in the New Year. Ominous signs need someone on the Council to do something to rectify this as it has hardly been wet by the standards of the last few years. Indeed it’s so early the hay is still on the ground.

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One thought on “Crowhurst Valley starts to flood early danger signs

  1. Richard Paine

    Predictable outcome, surface water reservoir not yet completed. No doubt surface water from proposed developments will increased flooding to the Crowhurst valley.

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