Hastings Observer Group all editions.

More details of previous story delivered locally all editions. The reasons given for the delisting application are exactly the same as those given by English Heritage to refuse the Crowhurst site in accordance with their required specifications published in their Battlefield Designation Document, with substantially more substance (if you dont believe me read it). Now you tell me how Battle Abbey can be justifiably protected by statutory protection in the current circumstances with the information available to us today (no archaeology and a document written at the time that names the site in Crowhurst). As detailed in my video the evidence must be produced and it should be produced in public (not in secret with secret metal detector investigations like last year). We have already had a number of attempts to avoid looking at the evidence lets be clear about that and someone is responsible for that. The town of Battle needs an answer and it needs it now before the tourism industry in our area is delivered a death blow. 1066 Country is nothing without a battlefield and it is the responsibility of our national heritage organisation to find it where ever it is and not to sit on their history books mismanaging the economics of the area. Lets see more action and action now, not when the damage has been done.

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One thought on “Hastings Observer Group all editions.

  1. Steve Evans

    I just watched the Time Team documentary on Youtube, that other historian Grehan is grabbing the credit for saying the Battle site was the wrong site, you have been saying that for 26 years and you got no credit, in fact, they just tried to make you look ridiculous because of the iron rings dug out of the Malfosse. The Malfosse is for me one of the keys to the story. Simply overlooked and ignored.

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