More archaeology and clarity required

Its a simple observation that more archaeology is required as the cat is out of the bag at Battle Abbey. The story that there is no archaeology to support the site of the Battle of Hastings at Battle has long been known by professional historians. Now we have a serious issue that has arisen in that the town of Battle relies upon tourists to visit it. The conclusions that were reached by Time Team might just have been reached because the archaeologists looked in the wrong place, irrespective of what the evidence my followers  have put in front of English Heritage believe. Secret digs are not the answer but open and honest accountability. Consequently Dr Foard and his team have to come back pretty quickly because English Heritage have a duty to the town to look until they find what they believe is there. Lets make the dig public like all Time Team programmes except this one. If the battlefield is at Crowhurst, as we have shown the evidence suggest, there is a duty to look at that too and not leave Battle in an unmanaged mess that can be avoided with some proper long term thinking (something we don’t see in government institutions very often). Let us hope common sense prevails as its bad news at the moment for Battle as there is no clarity. The absence of evidence will lead to delisting unless more evidence can be found .

6th December 2013

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