Hastings Burgh will not be protected YET!!!

Both Martin White and I received rejections to our applications to list the Burgh at Hastings today, but clearly from the documentation both cases (for different reasons) have merit far beyond any credit given by any of the authorities who work for East Sussex County Council. When I have some time I will post the documents together with Martin’s comments. There is a clear case for more information and its premature, but it would not surprise me if we won this war. I don’t think it will be long before the evidence will be accepted by the academic community. The road will by then have been built and there will be a clear case that shows the organisation who should be protecting our heritage is in the hands of road builders. It will then be time to change the system I suspect as its not working and will be shown to be not working. The implications of the Burgh are not lost on the road builders and will cost the country dear in the long term because it defines where Hastings was pre-1066 and that is recorded as where the Normans landed and camped – which has immense implications for my work.

Incidentally I know you all like gossip and I heard today that when the original survey was started the plans showed rock 8 meters below the surface of the Combe haven. It is apparently 48 meters and this week one of the platform being used to drive in the piles started to capsize. So dont be surprised if the whole shooting match hits an unrecoverable snag in the middle of the Combe Haven marsh soon.

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