Minister distances himself from ESCC

I have now had a response from the Secretary of State where I stated that the road being built by East Sussex County Council was being built through a site of national heritage importance where the Hastings Burgh (pre1066 built by Alfred the great)was located.

The response from the Minister, from another MP on his behalf, as if to say this isn’t something I want to personally sign off, is clearly distancing himself from the actions of East Sussex County Council. A copy of that letter is found here.

This clearly tells any journalist or media person (like myself) that they are on the back foot and looking for someone to blame. Is it English Heritage or the County Archaeologist, who has not stopped the road when all the evidence of the archeology is crying out for someone in authority to intervene, or is it the councilors, or local MPs who are clearly very disposable. The wind has changed and now we shall see who is responsible for this spending heritage mess. The last people to take the blame will be the Government.

We shall find out shortly as more evidence comes out of the ground. Don’t shoot me I am just the messenger. Everyone has to stand by the decisions they made, right or wrong. The really clever ones make sure they are on the winning side when the drawbridge comes down and it is clearly about to drop:)

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One thought on “Minister distances himself from ESCC


    Hi Nick

    Very encouraging news in your last 3 emails. I was particularly impressed with Martin White’s paper on the Burghal Hidage fort. This man deserves a medal! I accessed the report from the BLINKRR website – suggest you put a link on the secrectsof— site.

    I am intrigued by Martin’s speculation that the stonework from Wilting may have gone to Camber castle. My nearest Burghal Hidage fort is at Burpham and I think that something similar may have happened there. There is no stonework evident at Burpham now and it is perfectly feasible that any masonry was removed and taken a short distance down the Arun to the new Norman castle at Arundel.

    Jerry Marchant Worthing


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