Battle Abbey found in Crowhurst

You have to admit this is the greatest headline you have ever read. It is of course almost certainly true and the story can be found here tucked into page four of the main feature. Share share share!!! This is a national story that is going to blow those away who have trampled upon the evidence for ten years.
We are following Phillippa Langley’s example and those who want to get this road out of this valley should consider contacting Michael Bernard who has been a trooper throughout this ghastly episode of heritage vandalism. He organised the fund raising to do the resistivity survey when no-one else would and now we are raising money for the ground radar to locate the boats of the Invasion Fleet. No-one in authority is going to do it so we will. They are certainly still there, because one was found in the 1930’s and hidden we know that. Contact Michael Bernard if you would like to donate through the BLINKRR web site. It wont take very much money, but too much for one man and a few helpers – donate now. Its a World Heritage Site for goodness sake. Lets change our future of this area by doing what is right for a change!!! It will make you feel good when we get the evidence that transforms our area into a global tourism hot spot..

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