Connection to first Caesar landing in Britain

Unbelievable as it may be I have been sent a link to a little read book that suggests to me that Caesar may have landed at Bulverhythe when the Romans first landed in Britain. The description of the “peninsular fort” exactly fits the fort at Wilting – email from Paul Dengate thank you:

Hi Nick. I’ve been following your writings on the Secrets Of The Norman Invasion for a little while now. Having lived in Hastings all my life, I am interested in its history. Yesterday, I came across this article on the Kent Archaeological Society’s web site entitled On Caesar’s Landing-Place in Britain, by R. C. Hussey, Esq., F.S.A. Although you have mentioned Roman activity in the Bulverhythe area, as far as I am aware you have not mentioned Hussey’s proposal of it as Ceasar’s landing place. So I assume this is new to you and may be of interest. Unfortunately the article provides no evidence and a ‘google’ suggests that Hussey’s idea has not been generally accepted. All the best, Paul Dengate.

This may explain the Roman connections to Wilting and why the Burgh was located there in Alfred the Great’s day. You would have thought historians would have known exactly where Caesar landed but not yet. Its a huge coincidence and I claimed in my evidence to the Public Inquiry in 1997 that there was evidence of a Roman shore fort at Sandrock Field at Wilting. This was never investigated and denied by Dr Gardiner who showed himself to be an expert who did not read the texts of the documents he gave evidence on. The shore fort now needs proper investigation by the authorities as the place Caesar landed has huge tourism potential.

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