Video of Burghal Fort of Hastings

This video shows the area where the Hastings Burghal Fort is located being stripped of topsoil as Oxford Archaeology scratch their heads and do nothing to stop this heritage devastation. What is the point of government employing archaeologists to check that heritage is not destroyed if they do nothing when confronted with the evidence. This could never happen in any of the other forts – where is English Heritage and what are our elected representatives doing? Hoping this will go away. It confirms they are doomed and had better understand that failing to stop this now is their only chance of re-election because the truth will now come out and someone has to take the can for this – the responsibility clearly lies with the County Archaeologist to shout stop now.
I have written to Amber Rudd my MP – here is the video
See previous article on why the fort is definitive proof of the Invasion site.

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3 thoughts on “Video of Burghal Fort of Hastings

  1. Steve Evans

    Of all the places to start stripping topsoil, they started at Wilting.
    What a disgrace. This could never happen here in France.

  2. Another piece of the jigsaw nicely falling into place Nick!

  3. Compelling viewing…and surely enough to at least halt further destruction for archeological investigations, before it (the history) and that beautiful slice of untouched, near sacred, landscape is destroyed forever? Our children to come will never forgive us for not stopping this paricular brand motorway madness?

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