Heritage reminder

The story of Richard the Third in the car park should have sounded a warning to those who are building the link road that you cannot rely upon technology to find what has been well hidden in the past. Everyone knows there is not one shred of evidence for the battlefield at Battle or the landing at Pevensey.

I realise that you cannot change the will of men to stand against history if they think it serves their financial interests better – indeed a common trait throughout all of history. Not one I respect.

Phillip has kindly sent me a reminder of why those politicians who have put their heads into this noose will soon live to regret this foolish decision to continue to build the road. Let us hope the electorate take their revenge when the time comes and we reflect a little on what we stand to loose. The research continues until the definitive evidence is delivered. Then we shall have our day. The first battle appears to be lost, but it is winning the war that is important. Those of you who really care about this valley and our heritage do not take this too hard. We are determined and will win that war as historians around the world are starting to take on board the significance of the documentation. Whilst I might not be able to deliver the killer blow myself there are others who can once they are convinced. Neither the crossbow or the helmet rims have been determined or confirmed yet, the spears on the battlefield have not yet been recovered and the defensive ditches recorded by Wace have not been excavated – each of which will add more and more conviction to the case until we win. Time has never been on our side, as history doesn’t get changed in a day. Let us remain resolute. The Invasion fleet will soon be found. History is like that – unpredictable.

Here is a good video overview.

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4 thoughts on “Heritage reminder

  1. Philip Craig

    Can’t someone just go out with a meta detector and find something that may possibly stop the ecocide

  2. Gareth walker

    is there anyway i can help.

  3. Before the road can be constructed it is law under ppg16 (part of planning legislation) That archaeological assessment be undertaken. I would recommend that you demand access to the results of the desk based assessment.

  4. Richard Paine

    Surveys carried out by: Oxford Archeology last year with a 20 ton tracked digger. Speaks volumes.

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