Link Road legal challenge

I now have a better understanding of the court issue as a result of reading the pdf on the BLINKRR site. The legal case is raised by Michael Bernard whom I understand is a retired school teacher in Bexhill. He is taking this action “because it is the right thing to do” and for me he is a champion of the people.
The case is about seeking an injunction to stop East Sussex County Council from building their road through the heritage sites that we currently know are under threat before English Heritage have a chance to assess and then list them in the Heritage Register. Once listed no such road could be built and so this is a serious threat to the road, one that definitely will win once the evidence has been looked at. It covers the Norman Invasion site as well as the new battlefield in Crowhurst and seeks protection for the visual envelope of the whole Combe Haven valley to enable the follow through application for a World Heritage site – the reason this blog exists.
There is no immediate injunction because the court have granted time for East Sussex County Council to consider their position. They have given them till 1st February and there is a court order confirming this.
A statement is on the BLINKRR web site

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