1,000year old hedgerow destroyed by chainsawmen

Chainsaws were operation well into the evening last night as the Crowhurst road was closed by police to enable the road builders to destroy the 1,000 year hedgerow on the edge of the field where William the Conqueror camped in 1066. We know it was 1,000 years old because HAARG (Hastings Area Archaeological Research Group) got the species dating material around fifteen years ago, long before the significance of the dating was known.
Today another brigade of chainsaws were on the march against humble protesters doing what they can to hold back the tide of fluorescent armor, intend on subduing our landscape into a downtrodden road to no-where. Let us support them not only in words but deeds of heroism against the foe who hides behind anonymity.
report 10am
The hedgerow in question is the one on the right of this field marked green on the right of the defensive ditches:

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2 thoughts on “1,000year old hedgerow destroyed by chainsawmen

  1. maddy

    I can’t tell you how sad this makes me feel, it’s the most disgusting act of barbaric corporate vandalism imaginable, literally nothing is sacred to the men in suits and their yellow-jacketed thugs……….

  2. julie

    We have seen what has been done today,so sad .why can’t why can’t they just leave things alone. Its not just the road oh no!! Its the many hundreds of houses that are comming with it. I have lived by the vally for 18 years and it sadens me that something so wild and wonderfull is to be distroyed. I can’t understand any one who has been here or walked that walk would want to distroy it ,there must be somewhere else to put the eye sore of a road. Well done and thanks for all you are doing julie

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