Norman style boat found in Combe Haven

I had been told by several people that a Viking type boat with a large wooden head was found on the Combe Haven marsh after the war. All Norman boats are in the Viking style. However when I tried to locate proof I could not find it. Now Melian has located it through some good detective work and we are going to appeal in the press for witnesses, as the person who found it Charles Somerville is now dead. This evidence confirms we are close to getting what we need. I went down on the marsh today to look for the site, but unless we can establish which ditch is involved access is extremely tough. Good work Melian. Details here. I have a plan of the aerport on the marsh near the caravan park and Filsham pumping station, but no indication where the boat was found. It is possible that the ditch was filled when the recreation end was turned into the caravan park. Does anyone know who runs the caravan park as I would like to dowse there. The claim that there are no Norman boats in the Combe Haven is incorrect. East Sussex County Council politicians should wise up to understand that they will be removed from power if they continue with this road and the evidence for the Norman Invasion is delivered after they have built the road and destroyed the integrity of the site. The electorate will not forgive them. This is firm evidence they are not right to rely upon outdated information.

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9 thoughts on “Norman style boat found in Combe Haven

  1. Chris

    Would they permit such a road through a Scottish Battle site? I think not, arguing that’s a devolved matter makes it even more Important the the British Government start listening the the English. It our Country and Heritage, not theirs. Keep up the good work folks.

  2. This is great news. I hope the press appeal produces some results. I have never heard the story but as it took place in 1934 that’s not surprising.
    I grew up living in Bexhill Road and I remember Pebsham Airfield, as it was known, before it became the tip. I’m sure that any ditch filling would have been west of the river as this was the site of the airfield.
    With regard to Gary Steele’s notes I think that the “side road to the recreation ground” means the track alongside 302 Bexhill Road, rather than the access road further west where the tram track to Glyne Gap starts.

  3. Mike Waghorne

    Nick: combehaven caravan park is owned by: Haven 2012 Haven Holidays, 1 Park Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP2 4YL, UK. Bourne Leisure Limited, Registered in England No. 04011660.
    Find us on:

  4. Dave

    Hi Nick, I’ll ask around some of my neighbours who have been here a while. What do you mean by dowsing at Combe Haven?

    • Nick

      We will find the location of the boat for dowsing for it once we have a rough location but it might be under the tip

      • Hello Nick. I think that there’s a very good chance that the ditch will now be under the tip. Your best bet is to walk the western bank of the river and check out any tributary streams on that side. Of possible relevance to the 1930s drainage scheme is the very straight and obviously man made ditch along the old southern bourdary of the airfield (northern boundary of the recreation ground off Bexhill Road).

  5. We are going there tomorrow to have a look around

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