Eminent historian agrees Battle of Hastings NOT fought at Battle Abbey

Eminent military historian John Grehan agrees that the evidence shows, upon careful examination, that the Battle of Hastings could not have been fought on the traditional site at Battle Abbey. He agrees that a proper investigation of the new battlefield must be undertaken before building work commences on the A259 Link Road. John will publish a book on the subject in January.

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2 thoughts on “Eminent historian agrees Battle of Hastings NOT fought at Battle Abbey

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  2. Eric Dessauvages

    Dear Mr Grehan,

    I bought your book about the battle of Hastings when you participated to the book exhibitation
    at the ” pub ” the 1066 in Battle few months ago.

    I read it 5/6 times, talked about it with many people localy ( I live on Calbec hill ), explored Calbec Hill notably the top of Calbec Hill where the cairn is. I am 100% convinced you are right about the Battle of Hastings.

    What is the next step to prove you are right ? Digging I suppose.

    The scenario supported by Nick Austin about locating the battlefield in Crowhurst can’t be serious.
    However, his theory has been reported by the local newspaper ” battle observer”.

    Let me know if you are interested to go further.

    Best regards
    Eric Dessauvages

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