Medieval boat timbers found in Combe Haven valley

It has been reported that medieval boat timbers have been found by Oxford Archeology on the A259 road route in the Combe Haven valley – opposite Byne Farm. These must be pre 1294 the date when the great storm when the valley was closed to the sea – stay tuned.

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One thought on “Medieval boat timbers found in Combe Haven valley

  1. Email to County Archaeologist; I have been to see the remains of what is probably a boat in the Combe Haven opposite Bynes Farm. This is very interesting because it rests in the silt, not on it, meaning it got there before 1294 when the storm closed the port.

    It has always been my case that this valley is important from a heritage point of view not only because of the Norman Invasion, but because the port which was created there, had continuous occupation from the Bronze Age onwards. Clearly carbon dating the wood for this boat is important so that no unproven hypothesis can be involved. It was argued strongly by archaeologists employed by the Highways Agency in the past this valley was not a port. With a boat at the Western end this can no longer stand scrutiny. Further it supports my thesis that this valley was where civilisation in England started 3,000 years ago and dating the wood is important to confirm the era it was in use. It suggests that the Combe Haven valley was the original source for civilisation in a protected area predating Shinewater and eclipsing the archaeological importance of that site. This important archeology and the other items so far found in this valley by the OA team
    appears to confirm in an uncompromising way the Bronze Age to Roman element of the Norman Invasion thesis in my book.



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