Phillip post 26th August 2012

Had a rather interesting few days detecting up at the Wilting Upper Fort area along the north stockade wall. Lots of long cast nails, 3-5 inches long, some longer, were found around 6-8″ down. Of course, this paddock has long been a farm site, so the skeptics’ argument will have it that we’re merely finding junk commensurate with farm activity, and yet I haven’t found these type of nails anywhere else in the paddock yet.

 I’m out again tomorrow to continue working this debris field to see if the nail discoveries continue along the north wall. I will also do a control detect in other areas of the paddock to determine if the nail finds are unique to where we believe the fort walls were constructed, or spread across the entire area. The hope is that these nails were accidentally dropped or discarded by Norman workmen as they were busily occupied nailing up the stockade wall to enclose the fort. Of course, nails alone do not a theory prove, but we also found a large broken key, a buckle, the Duke’s stainless steel can opener, and some other interesting bits. Nick’s reviewing these and dropping the hopeful bits into the tank to clean ’em up a bit.

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