Crop damage shows ditches August 18th 2012

And I didn’t expect to see this. The crop has been badly damaged by rain in the last few weeks on the main Saxon battlefield at the bottom of the great feild by the farm buildings. However exactly where the “Saxon defense ditch is located, running across the field at the top of the ridge, looking down to where the Normans would have been, there is a crop mark running right across the field of crop that has stayed untouched (like a road). Its exactly the width of the ditch and convinces me that this ditch, which was dowsed is really there – that is why the crop remains where the ditch is – because the ground is deeper and the crop has got a better footing and water supply than the rest of the field which is now pretty decimated.
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 image here

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Tim Bush Excellent bit of evidence, but you really needs a geo phys survey to prove the anomaly dont you Nick. Either that or a couple of test pits put across the feature to get a cross-section look at it.
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Mike Waghorne yes I can see it well especially when the rest of the crop has been trashed
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We will be doing the geophys in October to confirm as long as we can get landowner permission

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