Bone found in Malfosse north (horse?)

A bone found in the north malfosse stream responds to horse in dowsing but we have been unable to get confiration. Several vets have looked at it and shrugged. One suggested it might be a sheep but it doesnt appear to be a badger as first though and may be relevant – so we are not throwing it away because it was found just downstream of the Malfosse incident site. If ever we get the facilities we will get it confirmed by an expert. Dowsing responded to Norman Horse:)










Which goes to show even identifying a bone is difficult. It looks like the canon bone of a horse to me – a small horse.

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3 thoughts on “Bone found in Malfosse north (horse?)

  1. Interesting…this seems to link in with the comment made by a learned person that the Norman knights were riding pony size horses which links up with the Bayeaux tapestry horses,the knights legs are hanging well down below the body of the horse,plus they are depicted wearing spurs,if they were actually wearing them,tthen they would not be able to use them on the horse! My friend Ailsa was a history teacher and refutes the idea of pony sized horses suggesting that the knights rode full size stallions,so this bone size would prove her wrong!

  2. Bob Bromley

    We have to remember that Horses of that early time would surely not be especially large, as they were not bred for war but were only horses which would be “pack ” or working horses In following years horses would have been bred for war by interbreeding etc. Lots of Williams men in1066 were mercenaries which may have brought their own mounts, probably brought from many different countries as spoils of war .. The fact that the Tapestry shows Knights legs hanging down beow the horses bodies doesn,t mean a lot , They could have been long legged men who once the “charge” was over ,intended to fight (as it were) “Up close and personal”. I don,t think we can say with any certainty knights rode stallions or full sized war horses do you? It is well known that Arabs in later years produced the first truly fast ,racing horses , horses that with carefully selected breeding, formed the race horses we know today.

  3. Bill

    Interesting that “Malfosse” can mean “Bad/Evil ditch” or “Bad/Evil Grave” in old French

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