Tony Dron Post dated 12th December 2011

Tony Dron sent me these kind remarks:

Dear Nick Austin,

Thank you for writing Secrets of the Norman Invasion, which I have just bought, read and been totally absorbed by. On reaching the end of the book, I wanted to post my comments, admiring your extraordinary work, but the link took me to Facebook, which I resigned from recently because it seemed rather intrusive. I hope it’s all right to make those admiring remarks here:-

The author of this book deserves a knighthood for an astonishing work, correcting the fabricated story of the Norman Invasion and the Battle of Hastings. Almost a lifetime’s work of painstaking research into every detail has resulted in a book that does not have the mere ring of truth; it’s impossible to read it without realising that it is the truth and that previously accepted history is very far from that, and quite deliberately so.

Had it been written some centuries ago, Mr Austin would probably have been sent to the Tower or burnt at the stake for publishing his book of heretical revelations. In our more civilised times, there will merely be voices admitting that Mr Austin presents what will be called ‘another point of view’. Those voices, in most cases borne of vested interests that would prefer the truth not to be accepted, will then proceed to make belittling remarks in an effort to discredit the author, his research and his conclusions.

Don’t trust them. Read it for yourself and judge the utterly convincing evidence for yourself. The ‘1066’ story is perhaps the most famous of all in British history. It will be a national disgrace if the key areas revealed in this book are torn apart by developments such as a new road before proper archaeological research can be carried out there.

Ironically, it would probably be typical Norman behaviour to ignore the history and build a new road straight through any such site. People speak today as if the Norman Invasion came and went but it would be more accurate to recognise that it came and it stayed, to this day. It will be interesting to see what happens next, as a result of Mr Austin’s revelations. Let’s hope there are enough influential people in this country to prevent the genuine key sites associated with the Invasion and the Battle from being destroyed.

That’s all!

Thanks again for your inspiring work.

Tony Dron

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