Stone images and comments posted May2012

I’ve just noticed that stone we dug out from under my shed has something that looks like a coat of arms on it. I’ll post a photo tomorrow. Its definitely carved and has a shield on it, a shield which is divided in two – a top and bottom half. The top half iis completely worn but the bottom part shows lines and should be identifiable by someone interested in heraldry. Its a simple coat of arms and the earliest were the most simple – someone might be able to identify it hmm interesting. Maybe someone connected with the original manor site (or abbey). I see we have some Knights Templar following events – maybe they would know how to identify the markings? Watch this space.

25th May 2012

Side view. Phillip asked me what I thought it was – maybe something ecclesiastical but then why is it on the top of Hye House hill? Of course stone was pillaged from ruins and it could be from the ruined manor house – but then the location isnt next to any other house featuring this type of stone. Interesting if anyone can identify the shield in heraldic terms. Heraldry didnt come into existence as far as we know until after the Normans so this may be something that was later used from the old abbey building which was in Crowhurst and turned into the Manor House by the De Scotneys in the 13century as far as we can tell.

25th May 2012

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