Independant Historical Research Group visit battle site 2nd January 2012

Last minute visit by the Independent Historical Research Group on bank holiday Monday with eight metal detectorists. Permission granted to look at the Telham hill field where the muster (prebattle) took place and the crossbow field courtesy of Di Oliver. Fantastic view of Wilting in the distance exactly as Wace describes.
Of course I would like to report something positive but it was a hard days metal detect like bees around a hive. Lots and lots of bits of metal, lead and Georgian coins galore (which was a surprise) but nothing at all specifically Norman or Saxon yet. Quite a lot to go in the cleaning tank and will report as soon as we have something to look at.
Key observation is this is difficult yes – and everyone agreed the key problem is the soil on the site is too deep for conventional detection devices. 12″ plus is the norm and along the Saxon defense line its 80cm (not sure what that is in feet but much more than the detectors can reach).
The day finished in the pub and despite my own disappointment at not getting anything obvious they are coming back to look at the lower site very very soon. Fantastic team of helpers with a lot of archaeological knowledge and a big asset to future searching. This Summer is likely to deliver what we are looking for we just need a bit of luck to be in the right place and have the right equipment.

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